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What Can Be Found Through The Use Of Background Checks

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If you are wondering whether having background checks done on prospective tenants or employees is worth the money and time, you will want to take a few moments to learn more about them. Knowing what kind of information you will receive from these types of checks will help you decide when to start implementing them. Educational And Work History There are some basic background checks that may not include this information, but if you are trying to get the most extensive kind of information on someone, you will want it to include these things. This way, you will be able to cross-reference what someone puts on their application with what actually shows up in their past. By doing this, you will not accidentally hire someone to work with children when they do not have the degree or work experience that they claimed to have when they were filling out their application. Extensive Civil History If you want to know everything there is to know about someone, you will want to have a background check done that includes an extensive civil history. Some of the things that you might find out through that would include rental agreements and whether they all resulted in evictions, their credit history, a list of their marriages and divorces, and a list of name changes. Basically, you can get a very good idea as to what kind of life that person has lived from the moment they turned a legal adult until they found themselves in front of you filling out the papers for the background check. Detailed Criminal History This will include information from misdemeanors to felonies. The list of the charges will come up, along with the outcome of any case that went to court. The amount of fines that have had to be paid over the years will be more information that will be added to the criminal background check. All of that information will help you decide if the person you are attempting to work with is going to be someone you can trust in your company or in your home. Once you have decided that you are ready to begin making use of background checks, you will want to make sure that you are using the best company for the job. The more experienced they are and the better their reputation is, the more likely it is that you will be greatly satisfied with the results you get back. For more information, contact local professionals like Blue Systems...

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3 Definite Reasons Why You Should Hire An Attorney When Filing Divorce

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Marriage is a joyous partnership for many couples. Although no couple begins their life together believing in the possibility of separation, divorce is a reality for about 40 to 50 percent of couples in the United States. For some people, the process of dissolving the marriage is simple, but professional help is still necessary in some instances. If you are considering a divorce, use this guide to know when to consult an attorney. You Have Children If you and your spouse have children together, you should contact an attorney to arrange a custody agreement to follow before and after the divorce is finalized. You may feel you and your spouse are parting ways amicably, but having children together can make custody and visitations difficult during a divorce. A legal custody agreement will reduce the risk of unnecessary and overwhelming arguments between you and your spouse. This will protect you and your children during the separation and divorce process. You Own a Business Marriage will make you partners in love and life, and many married couples will choose to start a business partnership, as well. Unfortunately, divorce can become a complicated process if you and your spouse own a business together. Sitting down with a divorce attorney is imperative if you are business partners, since you will need professional help to plan your options. Your attorney can discuss the different options available to you and your spouse. Many couples will end the marriage but continue working together. This is possible if you and your spouse are able to leave your emotions out of the professional relationship. Your attorney can help you and your spouse design an agreement that allows you to manage the business without any emotional stress. If you or your spouse prefers to leave the marriage and the business, professional financial agreements will be needed in both the marital and professional partnerships. You Share Assets Money is a common cause of divorce, and disagreements over money can also follow you through the divorce process. If you and your spouse share assets, such as savings accounts, cash, investments, and real estate, hiring an attorney is imperative to avoid serious arguments and financial ramifications. Your attorney can help mediate the process of dividing your assets. This will be important to avoid stress, but the legal agreements will also ensure you receive what is rightfully yours after the divorce is finalized. Whether you are divorcing on good terms or not, working with an attorney, such as those at Madison Law Firm PLLC, is beneficial for you and your family. With this guide, you will know why a professional is...

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Workers’ Compensation Delays Can Put You In Limbo

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When the workers’ compensation insurance company unfairly delays your claim for ongoing benefits after an injury, your entire future can be put at risk and you can end up being denied care that’s medically necessary in order for you to improve. This is what you should know. A significant delay in a workers’ comp claim can interfere with your medical recovery and care. Depending on your situation, the delay could force you to choose between paying out-of-pocket for the medical care that you need in order to continue getting treatment and improvement or watching a narrow window of opportunity for those improvements slip away forever. For example, that’s the stark reality facing a Kansas man who received a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a fall while at work as a county detention officer. The insurance company responsible for paying his claim—which includes the cost of expensive inpatient rehabilitation care and therapy designed to help him recover as much of his former-self as possible during the short time TBI victims typically have to do so—isn’t exactly refusing to pay his claim (although that’s the practical result of its inaction). Instead, it simply hasn’t accepted his claim yet. By doing that, however, the insurance has effectively prevented him from getting care that isn’t covered under his regular insurance and keeps him from having any income coming in. A delay in processing could also put your job at risk. The delay also puts him in a legal and medical limbo. His injury happened on the job so he should be covered by worker’s comp benefits and his job should be secure while he tries to recover. Since the claim hasn’t been accepted by the insurer yet, the detention officer has simply been on unpaid leave while he recovers, first at the hospital and now in rehab. That means that his employer, the Harvey county government, is now obligated to fire him because he’s exceeded the maximum 30 days of leave without pay that’s allowed. His regular insurance will also end when his job ends. The money raised to cover his additional care isn’t enough to continue paying for all of his treatment. A delay can also affect your ability to legally protect yourself. If his workers’ comp claim were formally denied, he’d have appeal rights and some measure of protection against losing his job. If they were formally denied, he would probably also have sought earlier legal representation instead of waiting until just days before the private funding for his care was about to run out. Cases like this serve as a grim reminder that sometimes things in the workers’ compensation system don’t work out the way that they should—the system breaks down and leaves the injury victim stuck in the center. While many people wait until their claim is actually denied to seek an attorney’s assistance, there are times when aggressive legal representation is needed much earlier. If you suspect this is true in your case, talk to a workers’ compensation attorney near you right away. If you are in a similar case and need workers’ compensation, talk with a workers compensation attorney or visit websites...

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Cooperating With Visitation Orders

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If you are the divorcing parent of a minor child, the issue of child custody and visitation will very likely be among some of the most contentious issues you encounter. Once custody is awarded, there is a good chance that a visitation schedule will follow. Although the name is a little misleading, joint custody means that one parent is the sole physical custodian of the minor child and the other parent is assigned visitation with that child. To help you better understand the issue of child visitation, read on. Court Ordered Unless you and your spouse have agreed upon shared custody, which means a 50/50 split in parenting duties, you will have court-ordered visitation. This order is not meant to be a suggestion only; it must be followed, regardless. Do yourself and your children a big favor and ensure that it is a plan that you can follow, since making changes involves going back to court. Because the best interest of the child is so important to the family court system, failing to abide by the visitation schedule can create the potential to be in contempt of court or to even lose custody of the child, so compliance is vital. Minor Issues While it is always possible to go back to court to make changes, the judge expects parents to deal with minor issue on their own, without wasting the court’s time and costing you both money. A few minor, but common, problems follow: 1. You hate your ex-spouse’s new love interest. Unless you can prove that your child would be harmed in some way from being in contact with this person, you must learn to deal with the their presence in your child’s life. Your ex has moved on, and while you should certainly take an interest in the new partner’s background, drug use, criminal past, etc, you cannot deny visitation based on your personal feelings about them. 2. Your ex-spouse keeps bringing the children home late, fails to show up on time for ordered visitation, has to cancel at the last minute, allows the children to eat “bad” foods, etc. These are all undoubtedly annoying but still fall into the range of minor issues. Remember, only reasons that impact the best interest of the child should be brought before the court. That Sticky Child Support Issue You may be legitimately enraged at your ex for failing to pay child support as ordered, but you cannot deny them their due visitation because of it. Child support and child custody/visitation are two separate issues and must be addressed separately. You should allow visitation, but contact the child support enforcement agency and allow them to take actions against your ex. To help ensure a peaceful and uneventful visitation experience, discuss this issue with your divorce attorney. If you’re still looking for an attorney, check out a site like...

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2 Reasons A Divorce Can Become Expensive

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You have probably heard that divorces are expensive. In many cases this is true, and if you are considering divorce, you should be aware of all of the reasons why your divorce could be expensive. Now, not all situations are expensive; it depends on the individual situations, but there are still some things you should be aware of when it comes to your divorce. 1. Legal Fees Obviously, the first thing that you need to know is that legal fees will be required to get a divorce. When you meet with the lawyer, they will most likely ask for a retainer. This is money upfront that you pay them to ensure that they get paid for their work. It could be a couple hundred dollars, or it could be a couple thousand. Then the attorney will draw from this account as they work on your case. If the case ends up being easier than expected, they can refund your retainer. But in many cases, the retainer won’t cover the entire divorce and you will have to continue to add to your retainer. Some of the legal fees you should expect are the filing fees, paying a mediator for your mediation, your attorney’s billable hour fees, and any litigation fees if you take your case to court. Thus, the quicker you can resolve the issue, the less expensive your divorce will be. 2. Splitting The Estate Another reason why divorce is so expensive is that you are now splitting your income and estate between two individuals. For instance, when you were married, you could pay for one house, one grocery bill, one utility bill, and so forth. Now that you are no longer living with your spouse, you have to pay for two separate lives. Any savings and retirement you have will be split, you could owe your spouse some of your wages each month, you could be paying child support or alimony, and so forth. In addition, if one spouse worked and the other spouse was the stay-at-home parent caring for the children, you may need to have both spouses go back to work and pay for child care or schooling. This is just another expense that many people do not consider when they are thinking about divorce. Just because divorces are expensive, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue a divorce if it is right for you, but you should be aware and prepared for all the expenses. Talk with a family attorney for more information about divorce costs and how to proceed in your...

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About Getting the Minimal DUI Sentence

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Are you out of jail on bail after getting busted by law enforcement for driving with a high level of alcohol in your body? If you know that there is a high chance that you will have to spend time in jail for your crime, you will need to hire a lawyer if you want the minimal sentence. A DUI offense can land you in jail for a long time when it isn’t the first one you have on your criminal record. Below, there is helpful information that will give you a better understanding why it is wise to hire a lawyer for your DUI case. Analyze Your Overall Criminal Background The first service provided by a DUI defense attorney will be an analysis of your criminal records. He or she will specifically look for how many DUI offenses you have committed in the past and the severity of the offenses. However, your overall criminal history will play a role in how you are sentenced for your crime. Keep in mind that the lawyer will likely ask you questions about your offenses as well, so be prepared to be completely honest if you want a strong case. Determine How to Improve Your Character The best way to strengthen your case is to improve your character. A lawyer might recommend that you take part in various community-service activities to show that you are not a bad person. If you are an actual alcoholic, going to rehab might be suggested to prove that you want to change your bad habits. Speaking to some of the people that you know about your character is another service that the lawyer will likely perform. Come Up with a Fair Plea Bargain Sometimes the best way to get the minimal sentence when guilty of a crime is via a plea bargain. A lawyer will help you plea to the judge in a way in that it is likely to be accepted. For instance, he or she might recommend that you plead guilty, especially when there is a substantial amount of evidence against you. In return to admitting that you committed a DUI offense, the lawyer will ask the judge if you can serve the most minimal sentence possible, which might include a little jail time. Get in touch with a reputable lawyer and discuss your DUI offense to determine how he or she can help you through...

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Looking For Seasonal Work For The First Time? Four Important Things You Need To Know About Workers’ Comp

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Signs for seasonal help are already going up in the windows and doors of local businesses everywhere as stores get ready for the rush between Halloween and Christmas. If you’re looking for seasonal work for the first time this year, there are a few things you should know in order to protect yourself in case you are injured while on the job. 1.) Seasonal and temporary employees are still covered under workers’ compensation rules. Whether you are hired as a “seasonal” employee or a “temporary” employee, you are still entitled to coverage under workers’ compensation if you get injured. It also doesn’t matter if you are working full-time or part-time. Should you get injured—even if it’s your very first day on the job—don’t let anyone dissuade you from filing a claim for benefits. 2.) Don’t allow an employer to misclassify you as an independent contractor. Since you’ve never done seasonal work before, you might be easily misled into believing that you’re actually an independent contractor, especially if you go to work for a small business as a sign-spinner or store Santa Claus in order to attract business. There are some financial advantages for a business to classify you as an independent contractor, mostly because they don’t have to make any tax payments on your behalf, including FICA and unemployment tax. Independent contractors are also not covered under workers’ compensation benefits. While there are numerous factors that can be used to create the distinction between an employee and an independent contractor, most seasonal workers will be employees.  3.) Don’t allow an employer to tell you that you can’t get benefits because the accident was your fault. The issue of “fault” over an accident, also known as negligence, is something that confuses even long-time employees. If you’re relatively new to the workforce, like many seasonal workers, you may not realize that it doesn’t matter who is responsible for an accident—you, your employer, another employee, or just plain bad luck.  Workers’ comp was designed as a “no-fault” system, precisely in order to keep claims out of court. Because it is a no-fault system, however, it is generally your exclusive remedy if you get injured. (There are some exceptions to that rule if the employer’s actions were particularly neglectful toward employee safety and third-party claims against manufacturers of defective equipment used on the job are sometimes possible.) 4.) Waiting to file a claim can hurt your ability to collect benefits. If you are injured on the job, make sure that you report the injury to your employer as soon as possible, in writing. Your employer should give you a claim form immediately, but he or she isn’t under any obligation to pay your claim until you file the form. Delaying your claim can give your employer reason to question why you waited to turn in your claim and maybe even question if you were really injured, especially if there were no witnesses. If your employer seems reluctant to file your workers’ comp claim or tells you that you aren’t entitled to benefits for some reason, consult with a workers’ compensation attorney like Paul F Guthrie as soon as...

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Hiring A Family Law Attorney To Resolve Your Child Support Issue

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Children living in single parent households are able to thrive and grow up to lead happy, balanced lives, if a solid support system is established during childhood. Child support is a tool that single parents can use to offset some of the financial responsibilities that come as result of raising children. Although individual states in the U.S. have their own unique methods for establishing and enforcing child support orders, meeting with a family law attorney can help immensely with your case. Filing For Child Support Or Modifying An Existing Order There are many rules surrounding how, when, and where custodial parents are able to file for child support, which is why consulting with a family law attorney is urged. Custody, residency, proof of income, and expenses will need to be established if you seek child support from the non-custodial party. Child support orders can also be modified in specific circumstances. If either you or the non-custodial parent have experienced recent changes in income, a child support modification may be in order. Existing child support orders can also be modified if there has been a change in custody or visitation with the other parent. Documenting Admissible Child Support Related Expenses While providing a stable environment for your children can be expensive, not all costs are related to child support. Your family law attorney can help you to differentiate between expenses that will be recognized by the courts as legitimate child care expenditures, versus those that are miscellaneous. Be aware of what child care costs you can expect to be reimbursed for, such as tutoring and school uniforms, before making major financial decisions related to your child. Enforcing A Child Support Order And Filing For Arrears Family law attorneys can inform their clients of all available avenues for enforcing child support orders, including those that have fallen into arrears. Wage garnishments and tax seizures can help parents who are owed child support to attain financial relief, but not all cases are quite so simple. Collecting child support from non-custodial parents who own businesses or are employed in a different jurisdiction are notoriously difficult to collect from. There are some child support cases that are still ongoing, even after the children in question have reached the age of maturity. As a result, lawyers working with custodial parents to collect child support must be patient, empathetic, and judicious in order to make progress. Learn how a local family law attorney, such as those found at Baudler, Maus, Forman, Kritzer & Wagner, LLP, can help with your child support matter and help you to create a positive...

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Do You Really Need To Hire An Injury Attorney?

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Turn on the TV on any day and you’ll see ad after ad asking if you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you. These ads create the impression that anyone who has been hurt needs counsel and will get big money. Attorneys, however, take a sizeable chunk of most injury cases. The accepted industry norm is for a law firm to assess a fee of around 33% of the final settlement or verdict. That means you need to get a lot of bang for your buck in order to justify hiring a personal injury attorney, so it’s good to know when you may really need to retain counsel. Complex Cases The most obvious instance when you may need to hire a lawyer is when you have a case that’s legally complex. If you’re in a situation where a number of parties may be responsible for your injuries, it can be beneficial to have an attorney represent you. For example, cases involving fleet operators or store chains can lead to many individuals being held liable. A lawyer can advise you regarding who to pursue damages against and how to approach your case. A Small Case In some instances, a case is too simple and small to justify hiring a lawyer. Many practices won’t approach a case unless it passes a certain threshold in size, and others will expect a larger fee. If you’re anticipating receiving $7,000 for a claim, it’s hard to picture parting with half of that amount in order to have counsel. If the other party’s insurance company is comfortable settling a smaller claim, you may want to forgo bringing in counsel. A Sizable Expected Settlement or Judgment If you’re expecting to receive a large amount of compensation, an attorney can help you in a couple ways. First, a lawyer can fight to ensure that you get the maximum amount possible. Second, an attorney can help you structure the settlement in fashion that ensures your needs are taken care of well into the future. Trial As a rule of thumb, 95% of injury claims are expected to be settled without ever going to trial. Unfortunately, your claim may fall in the remaining 5% of cases that do go to court. If you’re facing a responsible party that either refuses to pay or expects to pay dramatically less than you’re seeking, it’ll likely be wise to ask a personal injury attorney like Dunnigan & Messier P.C. to be present as you go through the process of litigating the...

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3 Little-Known Steps In Filing For Bankruptcy

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If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you must be aware that there is more to it than just filing and receiving court approval. There are many other steps that can make filing for bankruptcy overwhelming, which is why you should hire a bankruptcy attorney to help you with the process. Here are three little-known steps in filing for bankruptcy: You Need Bankruptcy Credit Counseling:  Before you even file for bankruptcy, you must go through bankruptcy credit counseling. This is required by law and must be done by an approved credit counseling agency in order for you to move forward with the process. The reason for this is that, during this time in counseling, you may discover that filing bankruptcy is not your best option. However, if you do, they will guide you into what chapter of bankruptcy you must file under. Keep in mind that if you don’t have time to complete credit counseling in person, you can always sign up for online counseling. Just be sure that it’s through an approved agency, which your bankruptcy attorney can help you to find.  You Have to Pay Certain Fees:  To file for bankruptcy and to go through credit counseling, you will have to pay certain fees. These fees can be waived if you meet certain income requirements. Your bankruptcy attorney can help you file the correct paperwork to have these fees waived if you are eligible to do so. Your attorney will also ensure that you do this before the deadline. If you wait too long, paperwork cannot be processed and you won’t receive compensation. You Need to Take a Debtor Education Course: Once you have finished with the process of filing for bankruptcy, you are going to need to go through a debtor education course. Once this is done, the process can be finalized. This is important because it gives you the information that you need to know about how to handle life after bankruptcy and how to avoid filing for bankruptcy again in the future. Be sure to complete this course before the deadline to ensure that your bankruptcy case can be finalized. Otherwise, the case can possibly be dropped and you will need to start over. When you know these little known steps in filing for bankruptcy, you can be better prepared for the process. It might take a bit longer than you thought, but with an attorney from a company like Wiesner & Frackowiak, LC by your side, you can be sure that everything is done before the deadlines so you don’t run into complications in the...

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